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Create Heaven’s Abundance in Your Daily Life NOW! Learn, Manifest, Evolve with the 12 Archangels!
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Personal Consultations with Belinda Womack and Deborah Langford

Belinda J. Womack

Belinda J. Womack is the bestselling author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life and Angel Abundance, Revelations on True Wealth from the 12 Archangels. Having two master’s degrees in science, Belinda respects the positive results that come with practicing the all-loving lessons of the Angels. As a messenger for them for over 30 years, she continues to be amazed by how their undiluted love facilitates deep transformation and miracles for those willing to evolve.

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Deborah Ann Langford

Similar to finding a Spiritual Mentor/Teacher when we are looking to enhance our spirituality, if you want to find new ways to build your business as a healer, mystic or an energy worker, you need a Business Mentor/Teacher that is led by Divine Power. One that innerstands the magic that comes from within, the power of illumination and creation that is vital when building any business. 

Step into a journey with Deborah and align your business with your soul's calling.

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