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Create Heaven’s Abundance in Your Daily Life NOW! Learn, Manifest, Evolve with the 12 Archangels!
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12 Archangels Ascension Teachings

A 12 Month Journey into the Vastness of Source for GP Graduates

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From the 12 Archangels...

“Are you ready to let your Soul take you on a fantastic journey into the vastness of your Self? Into the greatness of God?"

"I’m so grateful to Belinda and the 12 Archangels for the Beyond course."

“I’m so grateful to Belinda and the 12 Archangels for the Beyond course. The channeled material is unbelievably beautiful and filled with magical transformative imagery. The meditations within each lesson are profoundly healing, both individually and for the entire planet. I am loving the ascension teachings in this course far beyond anything I could’ve imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~Gretchen Abendschein

From Belinda...

“As we continue to peel undiscovered layers of fear clouding the Heart, we rise even higher into Heaven on Earth and lift the One Human Body (collective) with us!”

From Your Soul to You...

Do you want to go beyond losing your energy (happiness, health, money, and sacred space) to fear’s old male and old female? The tools and expansion that BEYOND gives you will fill ego with strength and bring you into alignment to receive your blessings.

Do you want to push the limits of what you believe Spirit can create and facilitate through you?

Do you want to evolve BEYOND what you BELIEVE undiluted LOVE can do?

Do you want to feel and experience what your focused Soul and Heart Power can do for Earth?”


Within your Self, a door into the Great Universe opens and just across the threshold is where we join you. Where are we going? And what is our mission? We will plunge into the astral webs of fear’s illusions and transform the hell into Heaven. We will raise the vibration of Schoolroom Earth and open new portals for celestial help to flow where needed.

On the BEYOND journey, you will need to stay aware of the vibration of your ego by sensing where fear’s old male and old female are seducing you. We believe that you will feel profoundly relieved by this experience because it sets your mind free. Freedom is only real when it comes with emotional security and physical safety. Are you open to living in Heaven while your feet walk the Earth? From this mental and emotional space, you can visit any star, planet, or being in the Great Universe. So many want to speak with YOU!

On the BEYOND journey, we will ask you to use the Power of undiluted love to transform fear within (and live the core teachings of the GP). You will be asked to transmute the fear that you see in your environment, as well as globally. We will help you to become adept at sending healing love where it is needed.

Personal Benefits from BEYOND

  • Less wobble for your ego (greater ease and confidence).

  • Far less control and guilt. Far more ease and flow.

  • Deeper emotional interdependence on Spirit (less seeking attention and validation from others).

  • Super charged creativity that comes with vision, motivation, and consistent focus.

  • Easier manifestation of resources because worrying about money is not helpful to your service.

  • Work and life balance, creativity and play balance.

  • Inner peace, trust, and calm as a way of life.

  • Easier adaptation to change, ease of dissolving resistance at the root.

  • Having the trust that you can solve any problem because you have the help you need (as long as the problem is yours to solve).

  • Knowing that you are helping the One Human Body (collective) and Planet Earth.

  • And so much more that has not been revealed to Belinda. We intend to delight and surprise you with every class and classes will continue while you sleep at night!


12 Teachings with several channeled lessons within each Teaching.


Teaching 1: FOUNDATION, Archangels Zadkiel and Horus

  • What do you feel? What do you need? What do you want to be experiencing that you are not experiencing?

  • Fill the vibrational space/distance between ego and Soul. Ego surrender, and Soul merger, Merkabah level.

  • Mastering the Divine Laws in everyday life. Recognizing and transforming insecurity.

  • Asking and receiving time, energy, and money. Using Trust Energy and Heart Power.

  • Thunderbird Super Suit.

  • Energetic fusion with Archangel Zadkiel and Planet Pluto, Osiris, Archangel Horus, and the Sun.

  • Entering the astral filter, closing negative energy portals within the astral filter, and clearing the old male and old female from the astral filter.

  • Filling the astral with undiluted love (Compassion, Truth, Gratitude, Love, and Joy).

Teaching 2: Mastering Transitions and Initiations, Archangel Ezekiel

  • What does it mean to be awake while continuing to evolve into new levels of awakening?

Teaching 3: Creativity and Restoring the Divine Feminine, Archangel Chammuel and the Goddesses

  • Dissolving the crusty bits of ego with a visit to Planet Neptune.

  • Healing with Goddess Isis, the Divine Mothers, and Ancient Egyptian Goddesses.

Teaching 4: Distance Healing Using Color, Sound, and Emotion, Archangel Morgan

  • Painting with the singing rays of the Central Sun.

  • Channeling the music of the Great Universe.

Teaching 5: Redesigning Gaia’s garments, Archangels Gaia and Uriel:

  • Raising the human collective with Trust and Heart Power.

Teaching 6: Calling on Divine Oneness and Star Systems BEYOND, Archangel Raphael and King Solomon

  • Seeing through the eyes of the Watchers and Pulse Keepers.

  • Star travel through the doorway of Heart.

Teaching 7: High Vibration Communication, Archangel Gabriel and Thoth, Joan Grant and Edgar Cayce

  • Utilizing the Power of Pure Thought.

  • Expanding the creative imagination to see beyond.

  • Channeling wisdom from Heaven.

  • Using alchemical energy of highest magic with the 12 Archangels.

Teaching 8: Rebuilding what has been broken, The Devas, Fairy Kingdoms, and Galaxies

  • Using highest vibration and responsible manifesting in daily life, for self, and for all.

Teaching 9: Highest Will, Archangels Michael and Victoria, Soul

  • Using Will according to the divine laws of Schoolroom Earth and the Great Universe.

  • Taking a plunge into ego's demand for instant gratification and ego's wish to give up and seek a rescue wherever possible.

Teaching 10: The Power of Generosity, Archangel Metatron, the Divine Inner-Child, Merlin

  • Expanding goodness on Schoolroom Earth.

  • Bringing the divine Power of Grace to where it is missing.

Teaching 11: Messaging with Star Beings from the Beyond, The Ascended Masters and 12 Archangels

  • Receiving and interpreting communications from beings who have never incarnated on Earth.

  • Working with them to assist the transformation of our schoolroom.

Teaching 12: Coming Home

  • Be the healer and alchemist that Schoolroom Earth needs you to be. Enjoy highest magic, protection, miracles, and surprises as all teachings come together as One!

You are invited to attend retreats for GP graduates.
12 Archangels, Let’s GO BEYOND!

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*by signing up, you are agreeing to receive occasional emails from Belinda Womack and the School of Spiritual Evolution regarding their offerings. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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