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Belinda Womack and The 12 Archangels Welcome You to The School of Spiritual Evolution.

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Wealth Re-Creation and Inner Worth Transformation with The 12 Archangels

Learn the Angels’ method for living FREE of FEAR and FREE of LACK!

Are you ready to break out of the deeply buried paradigms that keep you a prisoner to the fear of not enough? Say YES to your true worth! Say yes to ABUNDANCE!

Do you realize that your financial debt is not your fault? In order to eliminate it once and for all, learn the tools for forgiving the debt within yourself and allowing Source to provide for you with flowing abundance.

Your Soul wants to guide you in opening, clearing, and expanding your pipeline to Source because this helps you as well as the human collective to evolve.  

This package retails for $222. This truly is a DIVINE DEAL at only $97. This totals more than a 50% discount.

  • Learn The 12 Archangels' alchemical formulas for dissolving financial debt and for recreating your wealth.


    What’s included? Take a look!

    Wealth Re-Creation and Inner Worth Transformation with the 12 Archangels

    Learn the Angels’ method for living FREE of FEAR and FREE of LACK!

    I Want To Enroll In Wealth Re-creation and Inner Worth Transformation for the DIVINE DEAL of only $97

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    Wealth Re-Creation and Inner Worth Transformation with the 12 Archangels

    What’s inside the Lessons?

    Wealth Re-Creation and Inner Worth Transformation

    Discover the powerful limiting beliefs in your subconscious that are keeping you in a place of financial struggle. Once these are transformed, watch your stress dissolve as life quickly changes for the better!

    This course is jam packed with alchemical tools to restore your faith in yourself and provide you with exactly what you need to create true wealth.

    12 Archangels Guide to Creating a New Financial Reality

    Understanding the Truth about money can set you free to earn your livelihood in a way that works for your life and brings you prosperity and happiness. Let the Angels show you how to do this for yourself because this helps create a new financial reality for all!

    Words From Happy Students

    "For the first time in my life I truly See and Am the Real Me. I Feel the undiluted love, I See the unbelievable ways our beautiful Great Universe works and I Know the important roles we all play in it.

    I Am humbled and amazed! Thank you Belinda and Angels!"


    Sonila Francova

    "Belinda (and the 12 AA's) Superpower is the great wisdom and an impressive way to materialize it into tools THAT WORKS!

    Teaching us loving kindness, compassion, truth and forgiveness as base layers for a life with less pain and fear and more joy, love and creative ideas to move humanity and the World in a more peaceful and sustainable direction."


    Ase Berge

    "All of the teachings from Belinda and the 12 Archangels are incredibly uplifting, magical, and will elevate your perspective on everything you experience in life.

    Working on your own spiritual evolution through these programs will change your life and change you in the most wonderful and surprising ways!"

    Shane L Braverman

    Shane L Braverman


    Belinda and the 12 Archangels courses are truly transformational.

    The GP course was life-changing for me. It rekindled my creativity and sparked so much joy. It helped me take the courageous step away from a corporate role that was sucking up so much of my energy and time.

    The result? I listened to my heart and soul and chose to spend more valuable time with my young children, enjoying being a playful and creative Mum!

    I have learned so much and created tools and strategies to help other parents and educators support children’s wellbeing, overcome stress and anxiety, and to raise compassionate, capable and confident kids!

    If you are struggling with your direction or purpose in life and feel compelled to help the world somehow, then I highly recommend taking Belinda’s courses, you will love them!

    Working with Belinda and the 12 Archangels has profoundly changed my life.

    I have transformed from an unhappy, overworked single mother into a confident, fearless woman with unlimited potential and creative ideas.

    Today I cannot be stopped from achieving my goals and dreams, and I bravely reach for the abundance of the Universe.

    Once we learn how to surrender, open our hearts, and transform fear, miracles start flowing in. Thank you, Belinda and the 12 Archangels, for giving me the incredible knowledge and tools that help me be the best version of myself.

    Now I continue passing that wisdom to children through my creative work, which brings me so much joy and happiness!

    Sylwia Grabowska - www.mydivinefriends.com

    Sylwia Grabowska

    Belinda and the teachings of the 12 Archangels opened me up to the possibilities of all there is.

    Belinda helped me to understand and embrace my ability to connect with the nature angels and work with their healing energy.

    Belinda's divine wisdom changed the trajectory of my life of going from feeling confused and powerless to embracing and valuing the gifts I have to bring to this world.

    I am so grateful to Belinda and all the teachings that she channels from the 12 Archangels. It is a life changer.

    Karen Crehan Sayago - www.karencrehan.com

    Karen Crehan Sayago

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